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3 years ago
On cleansing

Once I feel like I’ve found the answer to anything, I like to start obsessing over it. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m proven wrong (or write posts like this), somewhere deep down I’m always convinced I’m going to find the Ultimate Truth and then fix everything wrong with me and follow that with fixing everyone else. 

I really thought I had it recently. I visited a homeopath hoping to cure my itchy legs, migraines, stomach aches, and overall lack of well-being. We had an amazing two hour session that was basically therapy. I was blown away. We talked about issues I hadn’t planned on bringing up, like my stress levels, and about issues I didn’t even know I had (apparently I’m very type A?). I left feeling cured before even making any changes. 

One of the things the homeopath brought up was that i might suffer from a candida problem. Since this was basically the only cleanse I’ve never tried, I decided she was right. I did hours of research (see: obsessive). I knew that this was my cure. I got a lot of support from Sproutlings who have apparently all suffered with candida and cured themselves. I got advice from one of my favorite healthy life bloggers (she’s one of my idols). I was so so committed. In fact, it was the only cleanse I’ve ever done where I did not cheat ONCE. Not even with a bite or sip of something. Which as you may or may not know is close to impossible on this cleanse, since you can’t have: sugar, grains, dairy, fruit, or vinegar. That might seem like a short list, but if you stop to look at it closely you’ll realize it’s basically every food, ever. 

Well friends, it sucked. But more importantly, not one thing changed for me. Not one. I felt like crap the whole time (21 days, but I did almost 30!) and nothing was cured, calmed, or even eased for me. Why does this matter? Because you can’t just blindly assume that everything you ever try will work for you. Even if it’s worked for other people. Even if it seems like an obvious answer (we could all use less sugar in our lives). I have to say it was incredibly eye-opening for me, because I’m generally an “everyone must cleanse!” preacher, and now, I think that there’s pretty much nothing that everyone must do. Except for all of the other things I say you should do. 

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