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3 years ago
There is no such thing as “the way”.

I have had one too many clients come and tell me that they need help because they’ve been doing everything right for so long and they still feel terrible. After some prodding, it turns out that “everything right” is just one or more diet books or blogs they read about The Absolute Right Way to Eat or You Will Get Sick and Die (and in some instances, You Will Also Go to Hell.)

There are people who gain weight on the Paleo diet. There are people who feel and look amazing even though we could probably call them “junk food vegans”. I met a raw foodist once convinced she was celiac… turned out she was allergic to a chemical in almonds, a food she was eating every day as part of her “healthy diet”. And then there are the people who eat whatever the eff they want and still shine. 

The point is, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. We say that a lot at Sprout. But not enough people are listening yet. Just to clarify though- this does not mean that the pizza you crave every single day is the right food for you. Because that’s not you listening to your body either, that’s you listening to the crazy parts of your brain (we all have them). But just because someone cured themselves of cancer with their diet doesn’t mean you need to follow the same path. I mean, chances are you don’t even have cancer (and even if you did, there are multiple diets shown to heal people, and then also lots of people who don’t heal from those diets.) More importantly, why do we all feel the need to live like terrified, sick people? If you’ve been trying a way of eating for a few months and feel like poo, you are NOT experiencing detox symptoms. You are just not doing the right thing for you. And you’re probably thinking about it so much that the cortisol running through your veins is also keeping you unhealthy. 

so QUIT IT. Experiment with your foods, try eliminating foods, try adding foods, give it some time, and pay attention. You are much smarter than all of the people telling you what to do (us included). 

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