Sprout Wellness Detoxifies Your Life
4 years ago
the hippies were wrong.

trust me, it hurts me more than you can imagine to say that. but after a full 30 days with no shampoo, i am sorry to tell you all that it’s true. you cannot have a peaceful, clean life without shampoo. here is what i will say:

1. you don’t need to shampoo that often. i’ve now compromised down to shampooing once a week and scrubbing with water on all the other days, and i think that works. 

2. the boy half of sprout wellness is going strong with no soap OR shampoo. he’s on like day 40 and has had zero problems. but he doesn’t have crazy long tangled hair that starts to look a living creature. so there’s that. 

3. my skin was instantly itchy again once i went back to shampoo, especially on my legs. 

4. i still stand by baking soda and apple cider vinegar as a fantastic way to clean your hair of shampoo build-up, get it sparkly, and still feel really good about it. 

long story short, i was stinky, i was knotty, i was grumpy. the oils just kept building and building and building. i’d have some awesome curls for a hot minute and then they’d turn into ugly dreads… like not the ones you let be there on purpose. also, i find it important to note that the day i did finally shower with soap, every single person who i see every day noticed immediately. i think they were secretly relieved. 

again, you CAN use water once in a while. your hair will not fall out or catch fire or attract baby birds looking for a home. that only starts to happen around day 20. 

anyways, i’m sorry to say this experiment was a fail. and i’m way more sorry than you think because that means it’s back to the testing stages for a non-sucky all-natural, preferably soap-free shampoo. it seems impossible so far! if you have any ideas, please please send them my way!!

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