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3 years ago

Henderson and Rebecca asked me all weekend to tell them about what goes on in Silicon Valley. They felt like I was a window into this world where the future was being written one line of code at a time. I wanted to tell them about all the incredible innovations that are occurring in startups right now. Cool, new technologies that will make their lives better in incredible ways. I wanted to demonstrate something awesome that would immediately play a role in their lives. And while I did tell them about a lot of cool stuff. I left feeling like it was unsubstantial.

Is it just me? Does anyone else feel this way??

How many of us are solving real problems? How many of us are doing something that is going to improve the lives of Henderson and Rebecca in Tupelo, Mississippi? How many of us are making something that is going to help them save money or help them make money or help them increase their quality of life?

It’s been 3.5 years since Tim O’Reilly told us all to stop throwing sheep and do something worthy. He told us that day, “You have to ask yourself, are we working on the right things?”




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