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3 years ago
How to Sprout

A more in-depth explanation of how to best use Sprout products, just in case.

Cleanser: Shake well, pour onto a cotton ball, and gently coat face. No need to soak the cotton ball, just get enough to cover your entire face (you can go down onto your neck also). Rinse several times (10 rinses) with cool to warm water.

Toner: Use after cleansing your skin, whether with a wash or with water. Shake well and apply with a cotton ball also. Leave on your skin. A slight sting is totally normal due to the apple cider vinegar. (That “stuff” you see floating around in your toner is the vinegar mother, the part that makes it ferment over time and provides the nutrients. Vinegar without the mother has been pasteurized and is therefore lower in nutrients.)

Exfoliant: You don’t need to use this product every day unless you are doing some intense sweating, though it is perfectly safe if you do. In cold months, we recommend once a week or less, in the summer, every other day or so. You can either wet your face and hands and pour a small amount of the exfoliant into your hand, or just add some water to the exfoliant once it’s poured out. Either way, you’re just getting it slightly moist before applying. Gently scrub onto your face and neck in small circular motions. A stinging sensation is normal, and will vary based on the following: if you’ve been in the sun; if you use other products on your skin, especially prescription medication; if you’re very sensitive; if you have large, visible pores. This is all normal and okay, and part of the process of your skin exfoliating (and really, is it worse than extractions? Don’t know how anyone does that…). Leave on for a couple of minutes and rinse well with cool to warm water.

Cream: A very small amount goes a very long way. Promise. A pea size amount will cover your entire face, and about a dime size is enough for the rest of your body. Just rub your palms together to melt the cream and apply anywhere. You can even use it to hydrate your hair!

A note on the cream: If it has traveled through intense heat and melts on its way to you, do not fret! You can use it melted. If it re-solidifies and is grainy, throw it on the burner or in a double boiler, let it melt, stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes, and the next day the consistency will be back to perfect.

Scrub: Pour into your hand and mix with a small amount of water and scrub somewhat vigorously on your whole body. You can also use this on your face and in your hair, it’s super moisturizing. Rinse.

Makeup Remover: Shake really well until all of the colors blend, and apply to cotton ball. This also takes a very small amount. Safe to use on your eyes. You can leave it on, rinse off, or even towel it off if you’ve used too much.

Lip Balm: Pucker lips. Apply. Kiss.

Personal faves/tips: Washing face with water in the morning (10-20 rinses), following with a small amount of cream. Exfoliating after a sweaty work out. Cleanser and toner at night before bed, letting toner work its magic overnight. Scrub on the weekends for a more luxurious experience. Must must must remove makeup every single time you wear it. Applying lip balm every hour. Sometimes putting cream on lips, then lip balm (especially overnight, new lips in the morning).

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