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3 years ago
On Excuses (and Dessert)

A thought occurred to me today after I realized that I’ve spent years and years trying to get addicted to working out, I still HATE it. I mean, I despise it. I have to drag myself into it and then I’m sort of demonic the whole time plus some solid minutes after. (And okay, yes, then I’m really happy. But that’s a whole lot of hate.) And I’m a personal trainer!

I also hate eating healthy. I’m not lying. I daydream about foods that shouldn’t even exist, like various meat products, cheesy-cracker-and-chip-like-things, barbecue every day, and candy that tastes like the Willy Wonka movie in real life.

Whenever I see a really skinny girl in the window of a pizza place just chowing down, I sort of want to go yell at her. And then I want to ask her how she does it.

Which brings us back to the thought that occurred to me. You know how she does it? She works her ass off. Literally. (ha! That’s definitely not the first time that joke has been made.) Sure, maybe 1% of the population has been blessed with beautiful genetics that make us all jealous and angry. But the rest of us have to work really really hard. It’s just a fact.

The difference between my really successful clients and the ones who just can’t make a change is one thing: lots and lots of excuses. People who really want it, do it. They diet, they cleanse, they eliminate foods they love, they work out when they feel like it, they work out when they don’t feel like it. They just decide to make health a serious part of their lives.

This can obviously be really hard, especially with the existence of chicken and waffles and the peer pressure of friends who are still full of excuses. And maybe I’m not really saying anything new, but it really motivated me. Being “healthy” might make you feel isolated and unpopular, and it might feel so bad that you fight with your boyfriend every time you work out together, but in the end, I think everyone secretly wants to be healthy. You don’t really want to feel like poo all the time. You don’t really want a doctor telling you to cut back. And just because you can’t be one of those peppy runners and yogis doesn’t mean you aren’t part of a community with people like me, who spend every day trying to ignore the excuses (and bacon-frosted-cupcakes).

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