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3 years ago
"Always a Loyal Sproutlet"

(Katherine wrote to Sprout a while back with this email, and then recently gave us permission to repost it. Can’t help it, it’s just too good. She signs all of her emails to us with some form of “Always a Loyal Sproutlet,” so we’re basically in love. Thank you Katherine!!)


Just want to say how much I LOVE Sprout! I have a lot of issues with allergies (some environmental but mostly chemical) and eczema (plus acne), have been to 2 allergists & 5 dermatologists in the last 3 years, undergone over 6 allergy tests, spent hours (that probably add up to weeks) researching, tried countless prescriptions  & products, and nothing can compare to Sprout!

I have been using Sprout (cleanser, toner, face scrub, & cream) for a few weeks and immediately I started to see a difference. Sprout soothed my skin and I stopped using my prescriptions (both topical and internal), something I have been wanting to be able to do for a LONG time. After years of regularly trying to figure out how one goes about treating an eczema patch nest to a pimple (seriously, what the heck?!), and dermatologists talking to me for 33 seconds, writing me an unwanted Rx, and telling me to use Cetaphil and Dove,  today I woke up with NO redness, flakes, irritation, rashes, OR pimples! I seriously cannot remember another time that has occurred!

From someone who has literally been in tears standing in a store isle trying to decipher labels (of both mainstream and “natural” products) I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your truly natural, pure, and simple product! I have gone from daily dealings with itchy, burning, uncomfortable skin to not only being physically comfortable but my skin looks beautimous to boot!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A forever loyal Sproutlet,

P.S. - I have found that the Facial Toner also works wonders on chest and back acne…you probably already knew that though :)

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