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2 years ago
Dear Nutritionists, Health Coaches, and Personal Trainers

Have you ever noticed how a really common tactic among nutritionists is to say things like, “KALE IS SO DELICIOUS!” or “FRUIT IS YUMMY” or “OMG my vegetarian food is so much better than meat and dairy, I swear.”

Does it work? Does it make you go chomp on some kale and love it? Of course it doesn’t. You know why? THEY’RE LYING. You can seriously have the most incredible vegan chef of all time make food for you, but if you don’t eat like that all the time, and you haven’t developed a taste for that type of food, you’ll leave the meal and go right back to your salty, fatty, bacon-y diet. AmIRight? I know. 

The truth is, if you really want to make changes in your health, you need to just suck it up. You are an adult. Is it enjoyable to swallow those pills you take every day? No. But you still do it. Why can’t you do that with some vegetables? Because your five-year-old self doesn’t like them? Mine either. You are addicted to the foods you are eating. It’s that simple. When you try to switch to healthier foods, it’s going to suck. No matter what. It’s basically withdrawal. Food rehab should be more popular because it’s nearly impossible to change if someone isn’t making you. But I’m not here to yell at you. 

Instead, to all the way-too-peppy nutritionists, health coaches, and even personal trainers out there: give it up. You’re not fooling anyone, or we’d all be skinny and motivated and awesome by now. Stop telling us how delicious your fresh carrot juice is, and start telling us about the sacrifices you are making. Tell us about how hard you work. Tell us about when you slip up and FAIL. Tell us about how impossible it is to get up off your ass to go to the gym every day, and how you do it anyways. Tell us why you do it, why it matters, and what positive effects you’ve experienced. Then maybe we’ll know why we should do it too. And maybe if we know why, maybe we will. Even though it’ll still be hard. 

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