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3 years ago

At this point, we probably all know how many health world things I’ve tried. Like… all of them. So of course homeopathic herbs and remedies have been utilized multiple times. But I had never actually gone to a homeopath. I didn’t really “get it”. Plus it sounded expensive. 

Well I met a lovely homeopath at an event Sprout was a part of. I decided to give it a try because… well, I give everything a try. 

I talked a little bit about my experience in this post, because I also ended up cleansing after seeing her. That was a fail, but she was not. 

She definitely was not. In fact, she has completely and utterly changed my life. No lie. And you know why? Because she hasn’t completely and utterly changed my life. Lemme explain. First of all, our first session lasted TWO HOURS. Have you ever had a health practitioner talk to you for anywhere near that long? Me neither. Secondly, without any medicine, I felt healed. She listened, she empathized, she supported. It was just so nice to have someone listen to ALL of the things I struggle with, treat me like I’m not crazy, and like they’re all connected! Finally. 

Then she gave me a homeopathic remedy that had nothing to do with my symptoms (or so I thought). Instead of treating a specific symptom, she treated my Type A brain. She didn’t try to change me, or tell me that I was doing anything wrong. She just gave me something to calm my brain and body down, to help me become stronger and more adaptable. And it worked! I’m happier, more relaxed, and all of the challenges I face no longer feel completely overwhelming. Plus, every single symptom has also calmed down tremendously. I mean of course they were all caused by my brain, it was only a matter of time before that was confirmed. But I am extremely grateful to have met a patient, caring practitioner who actually listened to what I needed and helped me get there, even if I didn’t know how (but thought I did).  

Who has given homeopathy a try? What did you think? Was your experience like mine?

PS- If you’re in NY and curious, this is where I went, and met with Karen Lawson. 

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